A bimonthly newsletter with updates on prisoner cases, events, and publications as well as key moments in Dui Hua’s history.

Human Rights Journal

A blog offering original analysis and translations related to human rights and rule of law developments in China.

Press Statement

Press statements focus on the sentencing, clemency, and release of political and religious prisoners; rights-related developments in Chinese law; criminal justice statistics; and organizational updates and achievements.

Prisoner Updates

Dui Hua’s Prisoner Updates provide the latest information staff researchers have uncovered through online and library research and through direct dialogue with the Chinese government.

John Kamm Remembers

John Kamm Remembers are stories written by Dui Hua's founder recounting Kamm's advocacy for prisoners in China. In addition to these stories, the 50 Years in China timeline visualizes Kamm's human rights work alongside the history of US-China relations.

Reference Materials

A blog presenting translations of open-source Chinese materials.

Mass Incidents Monitor

Dui Hua’s Mass Incident Monitor tracks unrest in China and those detained for their participation in these events. Monitoring these events allows for a greater understanding in how Chinese police investigate such incidents and the measures they take to prevent them. Key to preventing the outbreak of mass incidents—and their transformation into destabilizing political affairs—is expansion of police intelligence-gathering activity. The role of social unrest as a breeding ground for subversive activity makes mass incidents a key area for continued research for Dui Hua.


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