JKR: Encounters with China | S01E10 June 26, 2024

It’s the Year of the Metal Dragon, a new millennium, and Dui Hua’s debut as an official NGO. John Kamm and China trade pioneer-turned-Dui Hua board member Bill Simon find themselves trying to explain the Supreme Court’s Bush v. Gore decision to a confused Chinese audience. This episode of Dragon Years: Remembrance of Times Past journeys to 2000 for a discussion of how China has changed and how it has stayed the same.

Kamm and Simon discuss their time in the Middle Kingdom during Dui Hua’s first year. Their discussion traverses the 1990s, dips back into 1988, and explores how the events of Tiananmen and the MFN trade policy have shaped this century so far. The duo reflects on their work with Dui Hua and what US officials got wrong about increased trade with China while finding reasons to be optimistic for the future of US-China relations.

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