JKR: Encounters with China | S01E09 May 8, 2024

The latest episode of Dui Hua’s limited podcast series, Dragon Years: Remembrance of Times Past flashes back to 1988, the Year of the Earth Dragon. China is reckoning with floods, increased foreign trade, and calls for reform. In Episode 2, John Kamm speaks with Richard Glover, a pioneer and veteran of US-China trade. The two former colleagues discuss how their paths crossed, the politics of doing business in China in the lead-up to Tiananmen, and what lessons 1988 has for today’s China watchers.

Kamm and Glover’s recollections on their work selling chemicals in China in the late 1980s range from the humorous to the poignant. From the golf course to Tiananmen Square in the days before the nation hurtles toward a great tragedy, the two men witness a run on the banks and come face-to-face with the increasingly tense student movement.

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