April 19th, 1999

2019 marks two decades of The Dui Hua Foundation. Since our founding in April of 1999, Dui Hua has registered significant achievements, helping at-risk detainees in China. We have uncovered the names of thousands of political prisoners, and helped hundreds receive clemency. In addition to our advocacy work, we have published hundreds of materials on China's criminal justice system. We thank the many individuals, foundations, corporations, and governments from the past and present who have contributed to Dui Hua's work. Take a look back at what we've achieved in the last 20 years!

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John Kamm Remembers


eJohn Kamm is an American businessman and human rights activist. He is the founder and Executive Director of The Dui Hua Foundation, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that promotes universal human rights in well-informed, mutually respectful dialogue with China. He is credited with having helped hundreds of political and religious prisoners in China.

Since his first intervention on behalf of a Chinese political prisoner in May 1990, Kamm has made more than 100 trips to China to engage the Chinese government in a dialogue on human rights issues, focusing on the treatment of political prisoners and prison conditions. He has made ten visits to Chinese prisons and has submitted requests for information on more than 2,000 prisoners. In an article about Kamm for The New York Times Sunday Magazine,Tina Rosenberg wrote: “No other person or organization in the world, including the State Department, has helped more Chinese prisoners.”

John Kamm Remembers are stories written by John recounting his advocacy work on behalf of Chinese prisoners of conscience both prior to and since founding The Dui Hua Foundation in 1999. From these stories, you will see how an American business man turned human rights activist established a dialogue on human rights with the Chinese government to advocate for prisoners of conscience