August 25th, 2022

In 1972, President Nixon visited China, becoming the first sitting US president to do so. That same year, a young John Kamm journeyed to Macau, hoping to use his Chinese language skills. He found himself in the right place at the right time with the right people. Check out the timeline by clicking below.

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About John Kamm Remembers

The John Kamm Remembers series shows how dialogue can become advocacy and how advocacy can create meaningful change for those facing coercive measures. As a businessperson turned human rights activist, Dui Hua founder and Executive Director John Kamm established a dialogue with the Chinese government to advocate on behalf of Chinese prisoners of conscience both prior to and since founding The Dui Hua Foundation in 1999. John Kamm Remembers is a regular feature of Dui Hua’s Digest newsletter that offers first-hand accounts of episodes from this dialogue.

2022 marked fifty years since John Kamm first traveled to China. To commemorate this anniversary, Dui Hua created a special John Kamm Remembers timeline, charting his progression from teacher and writer to businessperson to human rights activist along with the history of US-China relations.

In 1972, Kamm bought a one-way ticket and set off to Macau, charting the course for decades to come. Dui Hua is thrilled to share Kamm’s story side-by-side with a history of US-China relations from 1972 to the present. Check out Period 1 (1972 – 1989) by clicking here, and stay tuned for the launch of Period 2 (1990 – 1999) and Period 3 (1999 – Present).

Dui Hua’s publications have changed over the years but have always looked to the past to understand the present and work for a more just future. The series was originally published as This Month in History before being rebranded as Roots of Dui Hua in 2015. No longer restricted to a particular month or event, the series took on a more personal voice in 2016 as John Kamm Remembers and continues to this day.

The John Kamm Remembers stories appear below in the order they were published, beginning with the most recent.