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Research Resources


Dui Hua delves into international Internet and library resources to find cases, regulations, and trends relevant to at-risk detainees. We publish research findings and analysis in: Dialogue, Dui Hua’s quarterly newsletter; Human Rights Journal, a blog offering original analysis and translations related to human rights and rule of law; and Reference Materials, a blog presenting translations of open-source Chinese materials. Dui Hua’s print publications are now available for purchase.

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Dui Hua maintains two databases: one dedicated to political prisoners and another dedicated to mass incidents. The Political Prisoner Database (PPDB) contains information about political and religious prisoners incarcerated in China since 1980. As of March 31, 2013, the PPDB contained more than 26,500 names. Started in 2007, the Mass Incident Database comprises records of public incidents resulting from discontent over myriad social, economic, environmental, and labor issues in China.

Official Testimonies & Submissions

Dui Hua has been invited by official bodies to give formal testimonies and submit recommendations on human rights issues in China. Several testimonies have been given before the US Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC), while submissions and statements to the UN have resulted from Dui Hua’s Special Consultative Status.