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Press Statements

Dui Hua press statements focus on the sentencing, clemency, and release of political and religious prisoners; rights-related developments in Chinese law; criminal justice statistics; and organizational updates and achievements. Our press statements attempt to foster dialogue and mutual understanding as a means to improve the treatment of at-risk detainees.

Crucial human rights issues have gained significant media coverage as a result of statements on the early releases of Chen Taihe, Xue Feng, Jude Shao, Rebiya Kadeer, Wang Youcai, and Phuntsog Nyidron and on still-serving June Fourth prisoners, Yahoo!’s role in the cases of Shi Tao and Wang Xiaoning, arrests for endangering state security, and Chinese executions.

Dui Hua has been releasing press statements since it announced the release of Ngawang Choephel in January 2002.

Selected press statements

Click here for a full listing of Dui Hua press statements dating back to 2002.