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Expert Exchanges

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Dui Hua conducts expert exchange as a means of increasing transparency and mutual understanding. Leveraging its partnerships with Chinese officials, Dui Hua focuses on identifying common ground between China and the West and facilitating mutually respectful dialogue. Juvenile justice, for example, has been a productive area of exchange because reform of the juvenile justice system is one of the top priorities of the Chinese government. Dui Hua’s exchanges have contributed to concrete reforms in China’s juvenile justice system.

2017 China-US Juvenile Trial System Reform Seminar: Dui Hua held it’s fifth juvenile justice exchange with China’s Supreme People’s Court on the reform of the juvenile trial system. The exchange was held on November 8-9 and was attended by over forty Chinese participants, including representatives from the Office of Juvenile Trials under the Supreme People’s Court’s Research Department and juvenile judges from courts across fifteen provinces in China.

2014 Women in Prison: An International Symposium on the Bangkok Rules: Dui Hua plans to bring together diverse stakeholders from various criminal justice systems to promote the implementation of the UN Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and Non-Custodial Measures for Women Offenders (the “Bangkok Rules”). Through partnerships with Renmin University of China Law School Center for Criminal Procedure and Reform; the Centre for Comparative and Public Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong; and Penal Reform International; the symposium will disseminate original research on women incarcerated in China and around the world.

2014 Juvenile Justice Expert Exchange: More than 40 judges from juvenile courts in 12 Chinese provinces and municipalities attended the Beijing seminar on records sealing and visited Beijing’s Haidian District Juvenile Court.

2012 Juvenile Justice Expert Exchange: Seven judges and experts from the Supreme People’s Court and provincial courts spent one week in the Bay Area immersed in the juvenile justice systems of San Mateo, San Francisco, and Santa Clara. Chinese judges observed a juvenile trial, toured juvenile detention facilities, and participated in seminars and roundtables with academics and experts.

2010 Juvenile Justice Expert Exchange: By invitation of the Supreme People’s Court, Dui Hua organized a US delegation to observe China’s juvenile justice system and toured juvenile facilities in Beijing and Qingdao. US and Chinese experts made presentations and held mock trials to present their views on the juvenile justice system.

2008 Juvenile Justice Expert Exchange: In our first exchange on juvenile justice with the Supreme People’s Court, Dui Hua led Chinese delegates to visit US juvenile courts, probation offices, and juvenile halls in Chicago, Illinois; Washington, DC; Laurel, Maryland; and San Francisco, California.

Exchange Programs with Chinese Officials: In 2007, Dui Hua hosted Professor Dan Wei of the Institute for Procuratorial Theory under China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate for a week-long intensive program. Activities included giving lectures at law schools, visiting prisons, observing court proceedings, and meeting with academics, judges, and attorneys. The same year Dui Hua also hosted Professor Li Shian of Renmin University and the Chinese Association for Human Rights Studies for an exchange focused on human rights in China and the United States. One of the highlights of the program was a tour of a federal prison and the court and jail facilities at the San Francisco Hall of Justice.

US-China Juvenile Justice Exchange

US and Chinese delegates participate in a seminar in Qingdao as part of Dui Hua's juvenile justice expert exchange in 2010.

Juvenile Justice Delegation and Justice Kennedy

Juvenile justice delegation with US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, author of the 2005 Supreme Court decision declaring the execution of juveniles unconstitutional.

2007 Prof Dan Wei visit

In 2007, Professor Dan Wei speaks at Stanford University.