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Dui Hua engages China in mutually respectful dialogue with the aims of securing the release and better treatment of individuals incarcerated for non-violent expression of political or religious beliefs and promoting transparency and rule of law. Dui Hua also consults with international and governmental institutions, including those of the United States, European Union, and other countries with bilateral human rights dialogues and consultations with China. We also consult with the United Nations, where we enjoy Special Consultative Status with its Economic and Social Council. We have testified before US congressional bodies and made official submissions to the UN.

“Prisoner lists” are tools pioneered by Dui Hua for submitting cases of concern to the Chinese government. These lists are compiled through Dui Hua’s independent research so that dialogue with China is based on well-informed facts. Dui Hua prepares prisoner lists both for its own direct submission to China and for international and governmental institutions to submit to China.

Prominent Cases

Xu Zerong Released: Dui Hua’s advocacy contributed to three sentence reductions and better treatment for Xu Zerong, a Hong Kong scholar imprisoned for more than 10 years on state secrets charges in connection with his academic research.

Yahoo! Internet Cases: Dui Hua was active in uncovering and releasing information about the Yahoo! Internet cases of Chinese journalist Shi Tao and three other dissidents including Wang Xiaoning.

Tibetan Cases: Dui Hua has taken the lead in securing the release of long-serving Tibetan prisoners, including Takna Jigme Sangpo and Ngawang Sangdrol, leader of the Singing Nuns of Drapchi.

Kamm's Visit to Dongguan Prison

Executive Director Kamm at Dongguan Prison in 2002. Talking about the visit in an interview, released political prisoner Xu Zerong said, "With American attention . . . all prisoners benefited."

Takna Jigme Sangpo

Executive Director Kamm visits Takna Jigme Sangpo, formerly the world's longest-serving Tibetan political prisoner. Jigme Sangpo was released nine years early due in part to Dui Hua's advocacy work.