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Our Approach

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Dui Hua advocates for clemency and better treatment for at-risk detainees through respectful, well-informed dialogue with China both directly and via international and government institutions.

Expert Exchange

Dui Hua organizes exchanges among criminal justice practitioners and scholars, China’s Supreme People’s Court, and US judges to advance reforms and improvements in the treatment of at-risk detainees.


Dui Hua delves into Internet and library resources worldwide to uncover and understand cases, regulations, and trends relevant to mass incidents and at-risk detainees.


Dui Hua publishes research findings, cases, and analysis on China’s criminal justice system and human rights developments that reach thousands of officials, practitioners, scholars, and human rights defenders worldwide.

Community Engagement

Dui Hua engages the community on its research findings and practical experience through worldwide events, talks, and forums.