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About Dui Hua About Dui Hua

Dui Hua’s mission is to bring clemency and better treatment to at-risk detainees through mutually respectful dialogue with China. Established in 1999, our work has gained credibility with government officials, the media, and the people we serve.

History History

Dui Hua started with a request by founder and Executive Director John Kamm—then a successful businessman in Hong Kong—to release a political prisoner involved in the 1989 Tiananmen incident. Since then, Dui Hua has helped hundreds of prisoners; built productive relationships with China, the US, and EU; and gained Special Consultative Status with the UN.

Chronology: Annual achievements from 1999 to present.

Directors & Staff Directors & Staff

Dui Hua’s team is dedicated to advancing rights through mutually respectful dialogue. Founder and Executive Director John Kamm, a businessman-turned-activist, possesses unique expertise and insight on China’s at-risk detainees. The Board consists of eight members, all with long-standing concern for human rights in China. Dui Hua staff work in San Francisco and Hong Kong.

Annual Reports

Dui Hua depends on contributions from donors and grants from governments and private institutions. As a responsible recipient of these funds, Dui Hua maintains transparent financial information, published in annual reports. Contributions to Dui Hua, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax deductible for US income tax purposes.