William Simon is the Managing Partner of Kura Holdings LLC, a private equity company. Previously he served as the Executive Vice Chairman of Cole Haan LLC and as Managing Partner of Infinity Associates LLC, a business that specialized in acquiring, operating, and nurturing global companies, including those with strong ties to private and governmental entities in China. Over the years, Simon has held the positions of Chairman and/or CEO of more than 20 companies, including The North Face and Converse.

Simon began his involvement with China while attending a trade fair in Shanghai in 1976, where he first met John Kamm. After moving to Hong Kong in 1978, he established a manufacturing enterprise that eventually opened branch offices in nine provinces in China to oversee production of high-end outdoor and apparel products. Other accomplishments include the establishment of one of the first compensation trade agreements between a foreign and Chinese company; acting on behalf of the Chinese Government to obtain licenses to export certain products to the US prior to the establishment of diplomatic relations; and testimony before US Senate and House hearings on China’s Most Favored Nation status.

Simon was born and raised in Michigan and received a BA degree in English Literature from the University of California at Berkeley. After working in Hong Kong and China for 15 years, he returned to San Francisco where he currently resides. Having a strong desire to help improve relations between American and Chinese citizens, Simon has been an active advocate and supporter of John Kamm since 1990 and Director of Dui Hua since its founding.