SAN FRANCISCO (February 5, 2018) – At a time when she is dealing with the possibility that she will never see her father again, Angela Gui has endured a vicious personal attack at the hands of the South China Morning Post (SCMP). In his ill-tempered and sexist rant, published on January 27, the Post’s Chief News Editor, Yonden Lhatoo, says that Angela is “a woman whose one and only claim to fame” is that she is the daughter of Gui Minhai.

Ms. Gui obtained an honours degree in Sociology, graduating at the top of her class, from Warwick University. Her highly regarded dissertation is entitled “Personal Identity and the Law in Cyberspace.” She followed this up with an MA in the History of Medicine, also from Warwick. Upon graduation she was admitted to Cambridge University on a Bill and Melinda Gates Fellowship. She is currently studying at Corpus Christi College for a doctorate in the History and Philosophy of Science. Ms. Gui, who is 23 years old, has hosted her own radio program in Sweden and won numerous academic awards. She has also, in defense of her father, published opinion pieces in leading newspapers like The Washington Post, and testified to the US Congress.

This is not the first of Lhatoo’s virulent rants published by the Post. Following the suicide of Korean pop star Jonghyun in December 2017, Lhatoo claimed that “all of South Korea’s prettiest and shiniest humanoid cultural exports look and sound exactly the same. I can’t tell them apart.”

Publication of racist and sexist opinions by a leading member of the Post’s editorial team is inconsistent with the values of a great newspaper. Until Yonden Lhatoo, the Post’s Chief News Editor, apologizes to the victims of his sexist and racist attacks, The Dui Hua Foundation will have nothing to do with this publication. Dui Hua has removed journalists working for the newspaper from its distribution lists, and will no longer make comments or give interviews to the South China Morning Post.