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Visitor & Subscriber Privacy

You can access all pages on the Dui Hua website without revealing your identity or any personal information. All material posted on our web site is intended for informational purposes only. Dui Hua may collect visitors’ non-personal identifiable information (such as IP address) to analyze our content performance using third party tools, such as but not limited to Google Analytics.

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Donor Privacy

When accepting donations, Dui Hua may request personal information, such as name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card number. While donor contact information and gift history are maintained in our secure database, Dui Hua does not store credit card or financial information. We utilize a secure third-party service provided by either PayPal or Blackbaud for all credit card transactions. We offer our donors the option of donating anonymously if they do not want their gift publicly recognized in any way.


Content on this website that is the original work of Dui Hua, such as Dui Hua’s publications and analyses, is copyrighted and may not be used, resold, published, or distributed without prior written permission of Dui Hua.

Content on this website that is part of the public domain, such as articles or excerpts of articles previously published in publicly available newspapers or other publications, may be used according to the copyright and privacy practices of the original source. Dui Hua is not responsible for maintaining copyrights or privacy statements for such materials.

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