JKR: Encounters with China | S01 E03 September 25, 2023

In this episode, host Rebekah Enoch talks with Dui Hua founder John Kamm about his experience hosting Dui Hua’s first US-China exchange on juvenile justice in 2008. This groundbreaking event brought judicial experts from China’s Supreme People’s Court to study the juvenile justice system in the United States, beginning a series of exchanges that have contributed to progress made in both countries’ juvenile justice systems. John shares his insights on differences in the two countries’ systems, the impact of the exchanges, and why Dui Hua decided to expand its mission to include women in prison and juvenile justice, in addition to political prisoners. You can read John’s story in latest John Kamm Remembers: “Doing Right by Our Children: Mutual Concern Opens Up New Dialogue.”

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