SAN FRANCISCO (December 8, 2020) — Following a unanimous vote of the foundation’s directors, Jeffrey S. Muir has joined the Dui Hua Board of Directors, bringing the number of current directors to seven.

Jeff Muir lived in Hong Kong from 1975-2013. He was Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong in 1998. He has served since 2005 as the CEO of the EMB Citrus Company (Hong Kong) Ltd., with wholly-owned agricultural and orange juice processing operations in Chongqing, China. EMB Citrus is recognized as a pioneer in the development of a modern citrus industry in the region. Jeff has been a long-time supporter of Dui Hua.

Jeff is known as a keen observer of developments in China. He has authored articles on the country and has spoken at numerous conferences on the economy and politics of the country. He currently resides in Philadelphia.

“I am delighted that Jeff Muir has accepted our invitation to join the foundation’s board of directors,” said Executive Director John Kamm. “He brings to Dui Hua a wealth of experience from decades of living and working in China, and is a welcome addition to the foundation’s leadership.”

In welcoming the appointment, Jeff said: “I have long admired Dui Hua’s commitment to maintaining a mutually respectful dialogue with China as the most effective means to promote human rights reform. I am honored and excited to join the foundation’s board of directors.”

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