Looking for Universality at China’s Second UPR

In a year of waning cooperation on human rights between China and foreign governments and international institutions, the 17th session of the UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review provided an opportunity for open dialogue across a broad range of topics. On the morning of October 22, 2013, 137 countries gave statements on China’s human rights record recommending ratification of UN treaties, release of execution statistics, rights protections for ethnic minorities, and the end of arbitrary detention.

Women Prisoners, Gender-Specific Treatment

Ahead of China’s Universal Periodic Review, the United Nations hosted a series of events to raise awareness about UN Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and Non-Custodial Measures for Women Offenders (the Bangkok Rules). At a panel convened on October 16, NGOs were called on to advocate for implementation of the rules that address the unique needs of women in prison systems built for and run by men. Dui Hua is doing its part by organizing a symposium on the Bangkok Rules in February 2014. (Photo credit: Penal Reform International)

Prisoner Update

We report on sentence reductions for Chongqing activists Song Bukun (宋步坤) and Xu Wanping (许万平), former county official Rao Wenwei (饶文蔚), and Chinese citizen Xu Jianchi (许剑池). Clemency was not granted for leftist opposition party organizers including Ma Houzhi (马厚芝) and Wei Jinxiang (蔚晋湘). (Photo credit: Yang Junxiang, Chinanews.com)

Dui Hua News

A brief look at Dui Hua activities in September and October highlighting advocacy and outreach, staff updates, and improvements to our Political Prisoner Database.