Sunnylands Summit: US-China Relations in Obama’s Second Term

President Barack Obama will host Chinese President Xi Jinping at the California estate called Sunnylands on June 7-8. The talks will set the tone and agenda for US-China relations for the remaining years of Obama’s second term. The economy will likely top Xi’s agenda and human rights will be in the mix, but perhaps what’s needed most is the opportunity to build mutual trust. (Photo credit: Xinhua)

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China’s Women Prisoners Focus of New Book

Filling a significant gap in research on China’s criminal justice system, prison official Yang Mugao recently released a new book offering systematic research into China’s women’s prisons. The book weaves together a patchwork of often spotty information, providing a broad sketch of issues ranging from prison staff, visitations, and community corrections.

Prisoner Update

We report on the home coming of American businessmen Jude Shao (邵裘德) and David Dong Wei (董维), the early releases of labor activist Li Jianfeng (李建峰) and June Fourth activist Jiang Yaqun (姜亚群), and the sentence reduction of land rights activist Ding Shuyin (丁树银).

Dui Hua News

A brief look at Dui Hua activities from February through May highlighting findings from our recent research trip, global advocacy, and Mariana Cook’s new book of portraits, featuring Executive Director John Kamm. (Photo credit: Jason Wu)