Exploring the Human Rights Footprints of China’s New Leaders

The new leaders of the Politburo Standing Committee, China’s paramount political body, will be announced at the end of the 18th Party Congress that convenes on November 8. Vice-President Xi Jinping is expected to be named as party secretary, replacing President Hu Jintao. With China’s new leadership soon to be announced, Dui Hua takes a look at the human rights records of some likely candidates.

Photo credit: Xinhua

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Dui Hua Hosts Third Juvenile Justice Expert Exchange with China

Looking towards the implementation of juvenile procedures introduced in amendments to China’s Criminal Procedure Law earlier this year, Dui Hua hosted its third Juvenile Justice Expert Exchange with the Supreme People’s Court in September. The third exchange immersed Chinese delegates for one week in juvenile justice systems in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Introducing Group Homes to China’s Juvenile Justice Experts

During Dui Hua’s third Juvenile Justice Expert Exchange, Chinese delegates visited a group home—an unlocked facility that is supervised and managed by professionals licensed to run the home for young offenders. In this article, US exchange participant Judge Julie Tang talks about the importance of group homes in rehabilitating youth and how they relate to the children of China’s migrant workers.

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Dui Hua News

A brief look at Dui Hua activities from August through October highlighting the launch of our Reference Materials blog, East Coast engagement, and progress on our women in prison initiative.

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