Mainstreaming Human Rights, for Better or Worse

China’s bilateral human rights dialogues have a 20-year legacy, but their future is uncertain. This article looks at the Western strategy of mainstreaming human rights during Chinese engagement, within a context of the shifting importance of bilateral talks.


Rehabilitation of Juvenile Offenders in San Mateo County

Following up on two successful juvenile justice delegations in 2008 and 2010, Dui Hua visited the San Mateo County Youth Services Center in June 2011. The center is a model of restorative justice for juvenile offenders, but recent budget cuts have resulted in a reduction in support for young women’s programs in the county.


Poll Position: A China Slice of Pew Global Attitudes

In the last issue of Dialogue, No Price to Pay cited two public opinion polls as evidence that China’s international image improved despite the country’s crackdown on dissent. In this briefing, Dui Hua looks at July’s Pew Global Attitudes poll, which indicates that, despite misgivings over the country’s military expansion, China’s ratings are up in developed nations.


Prisoner Update

Clemency for SubversionChinese government sources confirmed this year that two men convicted of subversion received sentence reductions in September 2009, marking the latest known clemency for individuals convicted of non-violent speech and association.

Cult ConvictionsIn June, government sources gave status updates on three individuals jailed for so-called cult crimes. Authorities generally use cult offenses to target the banned Falun Gong sect, yet in these cases, none of the individuals are known Falun Gong practitioners.

Dui Hua NewsFrom late May to early July Executive Director John Kamm visited eight cities—Geneva, Berne, Zurich, Brussels, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Beijing, and Hong Kong—to conduct advocacy, outreach, and research. Kamm met with ambassadors and foreign affairs officials representing China, Denmark, the European Union, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US. Owing to Dui Hua’s special consultative status with the United Nations, Kamm also attended the 17th Session of the UN Human Rights Council.