Rights Dialogue: Tough Words, Few Results

When it comes to talk, the US-China relationship is the most developed in the world. According to officials in Beijing and Washington, the United States and China are engaged in more than 60 dialogues, consultations, forums, and exchanges on topics ranging from non-proliferation to the law of the sea. The earliest of these talks is the one on human rights. In recent years, however, these talks have not accomplished very much.

Photo credit: UNODC

Bangkok Rules Address the Plight of Women in Prison

Women and children are often thought of as those left behind when their partners and fathers end up in jail. But the number of incarcerated women, including those who are pregnant and the primary caretakers of young children, is increasing worldwide. In December 2010, the UN recognized this reality by adopting the body’s first set of rules focused on the treatment of women in prison. Following our groundbreaking work on juvenile justice, The Dui Hua Foundation intends to develop research and bilateral exchange focused on women in prison in order to amplify the voices of their struggle.

BBC poll data No Price to Pay

Amid a heavy handed crackdown on dissent, public opinion polls indicate improvement in China’s international image.

Prisoner & Research Update

One Sentence Reduced, One Sentence Upheld

Dui Hua recently received a piece of good news and a piece of bad news. Xu Zerong (徐泽荣) was granted a five-month sentence reduction in April; Xue Feng’s
 verdict was upheld in February, sentencing him to eight years’ imprisonment.

Criminal Law Amendments Raise Minimum Jail Time

Recent amendments to China’s Criminal Law have increased the minimum term of incarceration and restricted access to sentence reductions for certain individuals.

Dui Hua News

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