China Emerges as Likely Issue in 2012 Elections

Following bruising mid-term elections in which China figured in dozens of congressional races, signs are emerging that the country will be a major foreign policy issue in the 2012 elections. There will be important consequences for US-China relations as the battle over China policy coincides with a once-in-a-decade leadership change in China.

Belated Justice: Exonerating the Wrongly Convicted

A basic objective of a criminal justice system rooted in rule of law is fair determination of guilt or innocence of defendants at trial. Despite this ideal, it is safe to say that every system in the world has issued incorrect convictions, with innocent people sent to prison and, in some instances, to their deaths for crimes they did not commit. When the system fails the first time, exonerations—however rare and belated—serve to clear the name of individuals who should never have been convicted in the first place.

Update on Criminal Law Amendment’s Proposed Limits on Death Penalty

A look at the debate surrounding a controversial proposal to exempt individuals aged 75 and older from capital punishment in China, with views from the nation’s top legislators and legal scholars.

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Prisoner Update: Li Jianfeng

The Dui Hua Foundation recently received an update on the status of Li Jianfeng (李建峰), a 47-year-old labor activist and former judge from Ningde, Fujian Province.

Dui Hua News

Executive Director John Kamm embarks on college speaking tour; Dui Hua attends Universal Periodic Review; Kamm speaks out on Hong Kong prisoners; Dui Hua in the media.