Environmental Rights Defenders in China Battle Ecological, Legal Crises

Problems of polluted water, land, and air are crucial to China’s leaders and environmental rights defenders alike. Both feel they have the nation’s best interests at heart in addressing them. President Hu Jintao’s theories of “scientifific development” and “harmonious society” converge closely in discussions about nature, and his address at the party congress this past October was peppered with references to “sustainable development” and the environment. Meanwhile, Chinese who strive to protect the environment are observing with alarm their country’s ecological decline.

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China Program Trip Forwards Exchange on Rule of Law, Criminal Justice

A key goal of The Dui Hua Foundation is the promotion of dialogue between China and the United States on issues related to human rights, transparency, and the rule of law. To this end, Dui Hua has been looking for opportunities for exchanges on topics of concern to both countries.

Civilian Police Oversight: The San Francisco Model

In Yichang, Hubei Province, Executive Director John Kamm referenced the Office of Civilian Complaints (OCC) in San Francisco to illustrate civilian police oversight in a presentation on the subject. The text below summarizes the information from that section of his talk.

Release of Last Known June Fourth Spy

In the previous issue of Dialogue, Dui Hua provided updates on three individuals imprisoned during the 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations. We noted that the foundation has been expanding its efforts to obtain updates on the whereabouts of the several dozen individuals we believe remain in prison for offenses connected with the events of 1989.

Doubling of State Security Arrests in 2006

Dui Hua revealed in a November 2007 press release that official statistics published in the 2006 China Law Yearbook show the number of arrests in China for “endangering state security” more than doubled in 2006 compared to 2005.

Xichong Village Land Rights Activists Lose Appeal

Eleven Guangdong defendants convicted of sabotaging construction sites and blocking factory gates in the course of protests over the misappropriation of communal farmland had their appeal rejected by the Foshan Intermediate People’s Court on October 25, 2007, according to information obtained by Dui Hua.

Dui Hua News

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