Kamm Featured on NBC Nightly News

Executive Director John Kamm was featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on December 28 in the “Making a Difference” series. The special profile on Kamm, “Selling China on Human Rights” showcased his advocacy work that became the cornerstone of Dui Hua’s mission, with footage shot in China and Hong Kong and interviews with the US ambassador to China and the wife of a Chinese prisoner who Kamm helped get released. A “guest blog” by Kamm is also posted on msnbc.com.

Year-End Trip Takes Dui Hua to Europe & China

Executive Director John Kamm ended 2007 with a month-long mission in November to several cities in Europe and China to meet with diplomats and officials, academics, NGO representatives, and others involved in human rights dialogues and criminal justice work.

Kamm first went to Norway, where he met with Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials in charge of that country’s human rights dialogue with China. Kamm then visited Bergen, spending four days as a guest of the Rafto Foundation and addressing an audience at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration on the role of business in the field of human rights in China. From Norway, Kamm went to Dublin, Ireland, to speak to the Literary and Historical Society of The University of Dublin about the death penalty in China and convene with officials of the Irish government in charge of East Asia and human rights. On to Geneva, where Kamm had separate meetings with China’s new UN ambassador, a representative of the Swiss government, and the China team of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

After the European stops, Kamm traveled from Hong Kong to mainland China for a program trip with Research and Programs Manager Joshua Rosenzweig. In Wuhan and Yichang in Hubei Province, the Dui Hua team made presentations, attended meetings, and visited a procuratorate’s detention center and a district people’s court. In addition, Rosenzweig conducted fruitful research in libraries in Hong Kong and Beijing, where he spoke at Renmin University. (Read more coverage of Dui Hua’s program in China in this issue of Dialogue.)

Dui Hua Co-sponsors Seminar by Swedish Ambassador

On November 30, Dui Hua co-sponsored a seminar by Ambassador Börje Ljunggren, Sweden’s ambassador to China between 2002 and 2006, at Stanford University. Entitled “Human Rights and Political Reform in Contemporary China: Views from a Swedish Diplomat and Scholar,” the seminar focused on the complexity of engaging China on fronts as diverse as human rights, economics, climate change, and other issues of major international concern. Currently a Senior Advisor with the Asia Department of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ljunggren has served Sweden in numerous diplomatic posts around the world in a career that spans nearly past four decades.

Dui Hua Web Site Adds Chinese Content

Visitors to www.duihua.org can now learn about Dui Hua’s mission, history, programs, and activities in Chinese. The recently translated content is a new Dui Hua resource for those who monitor human rights in China.