China’s Global Presence Shifts Dialogue Away From Domestic Rights Abuses

Until recently, discussions on the human rights policies of the Chinese government focused solely on how domestic policies affected the country’s own citizens. But as China’s world influence grows, such discussions are no longer so simple.

US Lethal Injection Procedures Face Supreme Court Scrutiny

On September 25, the US Supreme Court agreed to consider whether the procedure used by the state of Kentucky to administer lethal injection violates the constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.

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Dui Hua Receives Updates on Several 1989 Protesters

Scores of individuals still remain behind bars for activities connected to the 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations in Beijing and other cities throughout China. Most of them received suspended death sentences or life sentences for crimes such as arson, theft, and assault and, as a result, have received less attention from the outside world than others convicted of the speech-and-association crimes associated with “counterrevolution.”

Visit by Hong Kong Legislative Councilor Centers on Democratization, Relations with Mainland China

Dui Hua recently hosted Alan Leong, Legislative Councilor for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s (HKSAR’s) Kowloon geographical constituency, for a Bay Area visit, with activities in San Francisco and Berkeley on September 28. Leong opened the afternoon by speaking on the prospects of Hong Kong’s transition to democracy to a group of local criminal justice officials and representatives of the Asia Foundation, which sponsored the event.


Dui Hua News

Dui Hua opens Hong Kong office; new Dui Hua web site launched.