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Hu Jintao, holder of the three most powerful positions in China, has a clearcut agenda over the next year. On the domestic front, he intends to consolidate his power by forcing real or potential adversaries out of party and government positions. The results will be manifest at the upcoming 17th party congress, the most important event on China’s political calendar.


Standoff in Berlin: Why Dui Hua was Excluded from the EU-China Legal Seminar

For most years since the bilateral human rights dialogue between the European Union and China was established in 1995, a key component of the dialogue has been the annual legal seminar designed to facilitate non-governmental exchanges on issues related to human rights and rule of law.

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Mass Incident Research Reveals Views of Chinese Scholars and Government

In the last issue of Dialogue, Dui Hua announced the launch of a new project to catalog China’s “mass incidents,” or cases of popular unrest. Focusing on online news accounts, Dui Hua researchers have already collected information about more than 100 incidents in recent months, and this information is being processed and entered into a database.

Update on Guangdong Incitement Case

During a research trip to China and Hong Kong in April, Dui Hua uncovered a previously unknown account of a major incitement case from 1998.

Dui Hua News

Directors visit Europe, China; Dui Hua hosts Swiss UN ambassador; new staff member joins Dui Hua.