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Dialogue Issue 46 Winter 2012

Content over Volume

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping’s February visit to the United States led to a flood of western media reports and press statements calling for a tough stance on human rights in China. Many of...

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Uncovering China’s Korean Christians

Of the 55 ethnic minorities recognized in China, the human rights community has focused most extensively on three: Tibetans, Uyghurs, and to a lesser extent, Mongolians. Conducting ongoing research on China’s political and religious...

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Pardon Us: Asian Clemency Laps China

Recent acts of clemency show the leaders of several Asian nations running circles around China as it takes a 37-year breather from issuing pardons. Local interest in reviving the practice has grown, but will...

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Sino-US Comparison: Children of Incarcerated Mothers

Children of incarcerated parents aren’t well looked after in China or the US. Neither of the countries has comprehensive means for serving them, and there is a lack of public information on incarcerated parents...

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Dui Hua News

Research: Execution Estimate Gets Global Attention In December, Dui Hua announced that an estimated 4,000 executions took place in China in 2011, marking a 50 percent drop since 2007. Executive Director John Kamm said...

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Dialogue — Issue 46, Winter 2012

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