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Get Involved

Be part of the dialogue We’re very excited that you are interested in learning how you can support Dui Hua. Dui Hua’s work depends on the help and contributions of people like you. Take a look at the options below and contact us if you’d like to find out more.

Work for Us

Join our team of professionals. Dui Hua seeks individuals dedicated to our mission and to our premise that positive change occurs through constructive dialogue and exchange.

Intern & Volunteer

Internships are an exciting opportunity for students and recent graduates to get involved with Dui Hua staff in areas such as research, advocacy, outreach, and program development. Volunteer positions also allow you to contribute to the work of advancing the rights of at-risk detainees in China.


Keep abreast of Dui Hua’s unique insights and analysis on China human rights developments, US-China relations, and other China-related issues. Dui Hua’s publications include the Dialogue quarterly newsletter and the Human Rights Journal blog. Subscribe and these will be automatically delivered to your inbox.


We rely on the generosity of people like you to assist political and religious prisoners as well as youth, women, and other marginalized groups at odds with the law. By making a general donation, you will foster our integrative approach to advancing universal human rights through dialogue with China.

Contact Us

Ask about an individual case of an at-risk detainee, make an inquiry, or provide feedback about our work. Your input is valuable.