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Dui Hua Digest

As tensions between Washington and Beijing increase, Dui Hua participated in several San Francisco Bay Area events relating to US-China relations and human rights developments in China. In prisoner news, Dui Hua has uncovered a judgment involving two individuals sentenced in Shenzhen for selling Bibles. In this month’s John Kamm Remembers, Kamm finishes the story of his first intervention on behalf of a Chinese political prisoner in Hong Kong in 1990.

PHOTO In April, U.S. companies were banned from selling components to ZTE Corporation. Image credit: Getty Images.

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“Illegal Business Activity” and Christian Bookstores

Dui Hua’s Political Prisoner Database has recorded information on over 1,500 Christians who have been detained or sentenced for either illegal business activity or using a cult to undermine implementation of the law since 1997.

PHOTO:A member of a house church holds a Bible during the Christmas Eve service in an apartment in Beijing on December 24, 2014. Image Credit:

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Dui Hua Digest

Last month Dui Hua has made its submission to China’s Universal Periodic Review. The submission focuses on the area of judicial transparency. In prisoner updates, Dui Hua has received information on sentence reductions for three Uyghur prisoners involved in obscure cases of splittism in Xinjiang. In this month’s John Kamm Remembers, Kamm tells the story of how it all began – his first intervention on behalf of a political prisoner at a banquet in Hong Kong in 1990.

PHOTO UN Human Rights Council in the Palace of Nations in Geneva. Image Credit: ForeignPolicy.

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Dui Hua Makes Submission to China’s Third Universal Periodic Review

Dui Hua has made a submission to China’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) to be convened by the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland in late October or early November 2018. Under the agreement that established the Human Rights Council in 2006, all United Nation member states have their human rights records examined at intervals of four to five years. This will be China’s third UPR.

PHOTO: UN Human Rights Council. Image Credit:

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Call for Constitutional Review of Custody and Education

In the lead up to this year’s session of the National People’s Congress (NPC), prominent Chinese lawyer, Zhu Zhengfu, called on the NPC to review the constitutionality of the system of custody and education (收容教育). Zhu is the Vice President of the All-China Lawyers Association and a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Custody and education is a form of administrative detention designed to punish both sex workers and their clients.

PHOTO: Zhu Zhengfu. Image Credit: Weibo.

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Featured Video: China’s Human Rights Diplomacy

Developments in China’s human rights diplomacy since June 4, 1989.

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Dui Hua is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that brings clemency and better treatment to at-risk detainees through promotion of universally recognized human rights in well-informed, mutually respectful dialogue with China.

We focus on four areas, with an aim to help at-risk detainees—political and religious prisoners, juvenile justice, women in prison, and selected issues in criminal justice. And we take a five-pronged approach, premised upon our belief that positive change is realized through constructive dialogue—advocacy, expert exchange, research, publications, and community engagement.

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