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Dui Hua Digest

In this issue of Digest, we discuss meetings and speeches in Europe that coincided with the opening session of the UN Human Rights Council. In prisoner news, we learned of the early release of American geologist Dr. Xue Feng and requested information about members of a leftist opposition party that raised funds through a supermarket management chain. In Dui Hua history, we celebrate our founding 15 years ago, on April 16, 1999.

PHOTO Executive Director John Kamm. Credit: New York Times Sunday Magazine

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Life Sentence Commuted for Opposition Party Leader Dong Zhanyi

Dong Zhanyi (董占义), the founder of the New Era Communist Party of China, had his life sentence for subversion and eight-year sentence for contract fraud commuted to a fixed term of 19 years and six months on February 4, 2015, official sources say. This is the first time Dui Hua has learned of subversion charges resulting in a life sentence, and a rare instance of clemency in a case of endangering state security. Dong’s sentence is now due to expire on August 3, 2034.

PHOTO Inner Mongolia’s Höhhot No.1 Prison. Credit:

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Dui Hua Welcomes Release of American Geologist Xue Feng

American geologist Dr. Xue Feng (薛锋) has been released from Beijing No. 2 Prison after serving all but ten months of his eight year sentence for “illegally procuring state secrets.” In accordance with the verdict, Dr. Xue was deported the same day as his release. He arrived home in Houston on the evening of April 3. At the time of his release, Dr. Xue was the only American citizen serving a sentence in a Chinese prison for the crime of endangering state security.

PHOTO Dr. Xue Feng. Credit: AP

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Dui Hua Digest

In this issue of Digest, we discuss our recent trip to Cambridge, Massachusetts, home to two of America’s leading centers for China studies. Also of late, Dui Hua uncovered information about a Uyghur sent back to Xinjiang on suspicion of inciting splittism and a Hui Muslim imprisoned in Xinjiang for religious activities and alleged affiliation with Tablighi Jamaat. Dui Hua history outlines the releases of Jigme Sangpo and “singing nuns” Ngawang Sangdrol and Phuntsog Nyridron.

PHOTO Executive Director John Kamm speaks at Commonwealth Club of California on Feb 10.

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Xinjiang State Security Trials Flat, Criminal Trials Soar in 2014

Xinjiang’s number of endangering state security trials did not show annual growth in 2014, but a 40% jump in all criminal trials indicated that the suppression of fundamental human rights intensified during Xi Jinping’s “anti-terror” campaign. Three categories of crimes accounted for the bulk of the annual increase in criminal trials, namely, “obstructing social administrative order,” “infringing upon citizens’ personal and democratic rights,” and “endangering public safety.”

PHOTO A public sentencing in Xinjiang Ili Perfecture On May 27, 2014. Credit:

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Dui Hua is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that brings clemency and better treatment to at-risk detainees through promotion of universally recognized human rights in well-informed, mutually respectful dialogue with China.

We focus on four areas, with an aim to help at-risk detainees—political and religious prisoners, juvenile justice, women in prison, and selected issues in criminal justice. And we take a five-pronged approach, premised upon our belief that positive change is realized through constructive dialogue—advocacy, expert exchange, research, publications, and community engagement.

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