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In this issue of Digest, we review Dui Hua’s accomplishments in 2014 in advocacy work for women in prison, juvenile offenders, prisoners of conscience, and people facing the death penalty. We hone in on subversion cases over the last five years to see where clemency was granted and denied. Dui Hua history compares an unsolicited government fax in 2005 with our ongoing dialogue on Chinese prisoners.

PHOTO Participants of symposium on women in prison in Hong Kong, February 2015.

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Congressional Action on Hong Kong Set to Roil US-China Relations

Members of Congress are taking action on Hong Kong. Be it to support democracy or scrutinize Beijing’s control, legislation is being reintroduced to require annual reporting on the region. A long legislative process complete with the denial of visas to American congressmen and strong statements by the Chinese government is expected to result, making human rights and democracy in Hong Kong a contentious issue in US-China relations for the months ahead.

PHOTO Hong Kong people demand genuine democracy during Occupy Central in 2014. Credit: ezone.hk news

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State Security Indictments, Cult Trials Up in Xi Jinping’s 2013

2013 was Xi Jinping’s first year as party secretary, and statistics recently released in China Law Yearbook indicate that in that year indictments for crimes of endangering state security reached the second highest level on record. The authoritative compendium also provides first-ever official data on the number of trials for “cult” offenses nationwide, showing 60 percent more trials than in 2012. This article looks at the names and numbers of those involved.

PHOTO Zhao Haitong, one of many arrested for ESS crimes in 2013. Credit: RFA.

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Why Feng Zhiming’s Arrest Is Not Enough to Prevent Injustice

The Fourth Plenum put the spotlight on lifetime accountability for wrongful convictions, and Huugjilt, executed at 18 for a crime he did not commit, has become the face of the issue. Feng Zhiming, the police official who led the investigation against Huugjilt in 1996, was recently arrested on suspicion of torture and corruption. The arrest is a long-awaited step towards justice, but will it affect systemic change or pave the way for a transparent system of accountability?

PHOTO Former lead investigator of Huugjilt case is now under investigation, credit: CCTV

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Dui Hua Digest

In November, Executive Director John Kamm wrapped up on a month-long trip to China and Europe. In this issue of Digest we discuss meetings in Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland. Prisoner news includes early releases in Henan and Gansu and the influence of communist propaganda in sentence reduction. Dui Hua history reviews the awarding of the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights to John Kamm in 2001.

PHOTO Plaza of Nations. Credit: UN Geneva

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Riding the Rails: Political Investigations by China’s Railway Police

While its focus has shifted over the past few decades in response to new challenges to the communist party’s grip on power, political investigation by railway police has continued to be an important part of stability maintenance. From its origins in fighting overseas forces, political work along the rails has come to tackle the homegrown protests and dissent of rights-conscious Chinese citizens.

PHOTO Huang Haibo. Credit: scmp.com

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Featured Video: China’s Human Rights Diplomacy

Developments in China’s human rights diplomacy since June 4, 1989.

What We Do

Dui Hua is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that brings clemency and better treatment to at-risk detainees through promotion of universally recognized human rights in well-informed, mutually respectful dialogue with China.

We focus on four areas, with an aim to help at-risk detainees—political and religious prisoners, juvenile justice, women in prison, and selected issues in criminal justice. And we take a five-pronged approach, premised upon our belief that positive change is realized through constructive dialogue—advocacy, expert exchange, research, publications, and community engagement.

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